You're in your 40s or 50s and you're dressed like an old lady

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The reason why many women wear no class, or lose in the color, after all, wear too flashy, easy to show a sense of abruptiness or the effect of violation. The more dazzling or saturated the color, the more critical the individual's requirements are. Don't dress like an old lady in your 40s or 50s. You can always be elegant in this age. Learn to "dress in monochrome", which is decent and upscale.

Monochrome is a simple way to represent only one color in a set of looks, and can be used to create many styles and different looks.

For example, this wear is the use of two single products, but as long as the same color collocation, so a group of harmonious and quite unified modeling body immediately constructed complete. A simple shirt will never get tired of wearing, and a wide pantsuit of the same color will always show thin legs.

The prerequisite for the formation of monochrome wearing and matching method is that there is only one color throughout the modeling, which is to present the ultimate sense of simplicity and generous picture as far as possible.

When using color, you can choose according to your basic situation, such as this black outfit will be more inclusive of skin tone. Especially of trousers join, can automatic outspread give two beautiful curve, to leg stretch feeling is remarkable, to the lengthen effect of height is very obvious also.

Dressing collocation is a skill to follow, and whether it is the choice of money or color, these two links must be combined and interlinked, can present the most extreme aesthetic feeling and fashion sense. In the use of monochrome wear with the method, but also invisible will form a color limit.

In particular, the number of colors is only one, which can bring you a generous image. This outfit is a combination of a white knit top and a white fishtail skirt, which is very gentle and elegant.

Colorful colors can indeed bring you unlimited clothing possibilities and variety of style, but also in the invisible increase the probability of error and the risk of looking cheap. Take a color that you think works best for you, and keep it simple for your look, and you can basically create a stylish look.

Take this group of modelling for, the shirt skirt of a white is one of the standard match that mature woman is in wardrobe forever, the binding sex on an occasion is not strong, the compatibility on color 2 also is high.

The design that single tastes is more simple, no matter be colour or cut a respect more simple, the difficulty that wears rise is lower, need not worry about such dress to be able to present a drab feeling, want appropriate conversion version only model, each group modelling is extraordinary.

This shirtdress uses stitching without sleeves, so the neatness index of the whole dress will be enhanced to the extreme, and there is a very human design, simple connection with the same color belt, let your curve become more graceful.

In the skirt outfit with concise and easy structure of a lot of styles, shirt skirt belongs to a kind of sheet that can help female intellectually appear workplace scene is tasted, can prepare from time to time. Classic white, style will never show any sense of cheap, but full of high texture and atmospheric charm.

When you feel like you have a wider silhouette, you can match the waist with the belt, and choose different colors to make the waist ratio more prominent.

Even if only one color, also can create a more variable wear, from the diversity of colors and women's choice of broad sex. In addition to the usual white, your skin is fair, you can also use yellow pieces, to create a full dynamic beauty.

This yellow skirt dress, style design is short, style loose, wear up will not have any tight feeling or binding effect, especially on the arm cover effect is fantastic.

For many women in their 40s, it's easy to lose focus when it comes to choosing colors, bouncing back and forth between different colors and not finding the one that suits them best.

In fact, you can use a simple camel color, which is very temperament. For example, this camel knit dress, with this very soft fabric, can create a very gentle atmosphere.

To want each clothing in the wardrobe to have high efficiency, no one is idle, you can return to the basic color of the clothing.

Use a black dress, no matter what your age, will be able to present a very appropriate temperament. The black dress is designed to be non-slapstick, thus reducing the dull feeling caused by the large area of black.

40 to 50 years old age don't wear like a woman, put aside those appearance design bright red and green clothes, for pure color clothes, using monochrome dressing method, let the shape more atmospheric, more advanced.

A black dress is basically something a mother could use. You can choose loose design or it is tight cut, won't have too big effect, break drab feeling, the necklace that can hang to the neck will complete.Read more at: |

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